Thursday, 5 January 2017

Recent Purchases + Current Wish List

Recent Purchases

Anyone who knows me knows that I have become an absolute sucker for Reitmans. I think that I may have reached a point over Boxing Week that I purchased half of my wardrobe from Reitmans, while tossing out four bags of clothes. It’s 60% off clearance, so why not…right?

I bought these leggings in the colour prune. I love them with a neutral shirt, plus they’re possibly the most comfortable/thick leggings that I have purchased in a while. Prior to Christmas, I had bought these pants in red/navy, as well as these pants. I love both pairs and felt like sharing them!

During the post Christmas sales, I purchased this blouse in white; I had previously purchased it in blue. It fits so nice – it’s loose, but not too loose and thin, but not too thin! Definitely worth the money.

My parents had gifted me this adorable striped top from Reitmans in red for Christmas! It looks like your basic red striped long-sleeve t shirt, however, it laces up the sides! How cute is that! I can’t wait to wear it with my boyfriend jeans and sneakers, or my skinny dress pants to work.

I’m still debating whether or not I actually like it on me, but I purchased this cami in black. I have so many black camisoles, and I just can’t decide what my final opinion is on it. Until I decide, it’s hanging in my closet.

Another item that I purchased from Reitmans were these leggings. I am very, very picky about leggings and unfortunately, these did not meet my expectations. They slid down, were very uncomfortable and rather sheer.
(On a more positive note about leggings, I truly love my Garage leggings. I regret trying to find a pair that I liked more.)

I had purchased a lot more items from Reitmans, but unfortunately, those items are no longer on the website.

The next store that I went to on Boxing Day was Old Navy. They had an additional 50% off clearance. Unfortunately, those sales are no longer on. However, I did manage to get this blazer; which I love. It fits extremely big, but it’s so comfortable. As well, I got this long sleeve tee in dark steele. I have genuinely never worn a t shirt so comfortable. When I broke my elbow, I actually ended up where that t shirt with my Gap high rise leggings (another post-Christmas find) at the emergency room when I just wanted to be comfortable.

I didn’t purchase it, but I just wanted to share the beautiful Fossil watch that my sister and her family gave me for Christmas. I was so spoiled this year, I didn’t deserve it! But I’m so thankful and I’m so in love with it.

Lastly, I went to Aldo and got a pair of flats. They killed my heels. Honestly, I’d rate them a -5/5 if I could. I’m not even wasting my time linking them.

Current Wish List

I may have just bought a lot of clothing, but honestly, I almost always have something on my wish list that I want to purchase. Usually, it is items that are actually in my price range, but sometimes, it’s items that I’d consider splurging on.

I am an absolute sucker for a pair of good running shoes. I have always gone to Nike Free Runs, they’re just instantly my go-to. They’re so comfortable, and look so great on. I love the fly knit sneakers, and would love a black and white pair.

I have spent so much time recently looking at Madewell items and I’ve fallen in love with 99% of their products. I really like this oversized plaid shirt (which is on sale), which I had noticed on Nordstrom Rack yesterday! I also have fallen madly in love with the Transport Rucksack.

Lately, I have been struggling to find clothing that I actually like that I can wear to work, plus is in my price range. Quite often, I spend hours looking at the Anthropologie website but know that a lot of the items are out of my price range. However, I have fallen in love with this camisole. It would look so adorable under a jean jacket or blazer!

The last thing that I wanted to share is this beautiful handbag that I had found on Etsy! Isn’t it great? I’m not really a handbag person, but I do like this one a lot.



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