Friday, 6 January 2017

links + loves

Two years ago today, my little Moose came into our lives! He was originally named Galileo, but became Moose very quickly. He is now the love of my life, and has so much personality. My cat, Angel, died in 2014 and I never thought she’d be replaced. However, Moose is starting to become so lovable.

Today, I went shopping with one of my girlfriends. I bought two pairs of jeans! Anyone who knows me knows that jeans are not really my thing. However, I fell in love with these boyfriend jeans and these skinny jeans, as soon as I tried them on. I can’t wait to wear them with booties and one of my boyfriend t-shirts from Old Navy.

Last night, I was wondering on my calendar for work. I was stumped, then stumbled upon the aging section of New York Times. This article really intrigued me. It’s definitely worth a read if you work with seniors or are caring for someone you love with dementia.  

I am a sucker for a good breakfast recipe. I have fallen in love with this banana berry smoothie bowl recipe. I may start meal prepping again next week! I miss the idea of preparing my meals, and have fantastic meals all week to eat.

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