Monday, 14 November 2016

The Ultimate Canadian Gift Guide

I woke up this morning with some nippy weather, and thought to myself “man, I should make a gift guide for us chilly Canadians”… and here you have it!
Living in Canada means chilly winters, lots of snowmen and lots of outdoor sports. With all of these, you really need to have a good winter coat and accessories. 
I know that I had said on Saturday that I wasn't going to create a Christmas gift guide, but I decided that I would do a cold weather one, as well as a children's one. You can expect the children's one sometime in the near future!

I have a mild obsession with parkas. Most years, I ask for one for Christmas. I think they’re such a timeless gift, and they’re so needed in Canada. Personally, I don’t like pea coats. Yes, they’re much more dressy; however, when it’s 8 AM and I’m determined to get the 10 centimetres off the roof of my car, they’re not that great. Especially when you get snow between the buttons of your coat. 

 In previous winters, I have been stubborn and spent small amounts of money on winter boots. I also have worn the UGG classic boots. In my experiences, it's definitely worth the money to invest in a good pair of winter boots.

 I love scarves. I am a strange human being that wears scarves when it’s so hot the rest of the human population is sweating to death. I personally have become obsessed with blanket scarves over the years, they’re so warm! However, I really love this Kate Spade scarf. It’s simple and unique. I would definitely buy it for myself!

I remember in high school, I hated mittens. I’m unsure if I just couldn’t find a pair that I loved or if I was determined to have really cold hands. Either way, they sure didn’t have these mittens when I was in high school! I love them, they’re so cute.

I have a genuine love/hate relationship with hats. I love the style of them, but they genuinely look terribly on me. I usually stick with headbands, hence why I included it as the third option. My favourite is the BP Knit Beanie. If I could rock a hat, I would wear it every day this winter.

 Since I can remember, my parents have given me a cute pair of pajamas on Christmas morning. PJs are such simple, but thoughtful gifts. I love these pajamas, because they're so versatile for December-March. I would love any of these pairs. 

 To me, winter is endless amounts of warm, cozy cardigans. These cardigans are so cute to wear over a pair of pajamas or leggings and a t-shirt in front of the fire. You could even throw in a glass of wine or warm cider!

There we have it! What is your favourite item on the list?

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