Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Grown Up Christmas List

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As I’m growing older, I’m starting to realize that material things aren’t worth nearly as much as I used to think it was. Now, to me, a good Christmas is spent with loved ones and giving back to others. Christmas to me is something that brings warmth to the hearts of others, and the best part is making someone’s day with something small.
This year, I have chosen to spend Christmas with one of my old 1:1 clients who I used to work with. I feel terrible for not spending it with my family, but I know that they understand how much others need help around the holidays.

Even though I’m 23, I still make a detailed “wish list” for my mom. It’s almost become a tradition to sit down and listen to Christmas music and create the list for my mom. Since my goal for 2017 is to move out of my parents’ house, my list is solely based on objects that I want for my future apartment.
I won’t give you the full list, because things like plates and knives are boring. However, here are my top five favourite things that I asked for this year.

I love The Pioneer Woman, I’ve been a fan of her cooking show for years. Therefore, when I found out she had a line at Walmart, I was ecstatic! I had originally seen it online in US, then the other day, I was at my local (Canadian) Walmart and found it. I was so happy! This batter bowl is so cute, and I have visions of making delicious cookies and cakes in this batter bowl.

This corkscrew is from one of my favourite Canadian home stores, Stokes. Stokes is a Canadian kitchen store, with so much to offer. In the past, I’ve found a copper decanter set that was so unique yet so cute (it was a housewarming gift). Their products are great, my parents have stuff that have lasted forever from them.
This corkscrew in particular, just screams me. Anyone who knows me knows that I adore wine and I adore cats. Therefore, for $9.99, I think this is a super fitting, small gift.

Again, from Stokes. These bad boys are only $6.99. They’re so cute and super affordable! The only salt and pepper shakers that I even mildly liked that I had seen were close to $40 (like these & these)!

Well, would you look at that? A third product from Stokes! But seriously, I love this espresso set. And I don’t even drink espresso. I’m honestly super over the whole Great Gatsby/roaring 20s trend, but I do love these mugs. Don’t you think they’d be super cute for a cup of tea (or whiskey, whatever floats your bloat). For $10, I’m going to have to admit, I’d spend the money on about five sets of these.

I know earlier that I said “things like plates and knives are boring”, but oh no – this cheese grater from Ikea is the opposite of boring. It is literally the greatest thing since sliced bread. It has a cheese catcher and its dishwasher safe.
… in other news, I know I’m getting old because I’m excited over a cheese grater.

Are you making a list this year for Christmas? What are you asking for? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog, it's refreshing to hear another old soul and your passion for helping others. On another note, I absolutely LOVE Stokes and could spend an entire day in their store, half my kitchen is made by them! Best of luck with the apartment, it's an exciting adventure!