Saturday, 12 November 2016

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Yesterday, we celebrated our veterans. Today, the true holiday spirit begins. I, for one, am way too excited for Christmas, even if I’m not spending it with my family. I’m spending it with my second family, a family who adopted me when I started caring for their mother. 
Even though I’m not spending the actual day with my family, I will be spending as much time as I possibly can leading up to the day. Today, I’m headed to the Santa Claus parade in my hometown with my family, as well as my goddaughter and her mom. Tonight, I’m going out for dinner with my friends Heather and Danielle. Danielle is due with her second child very soon. So we decided to have dinner to celebrate one of our last weekends before she’s busy with her newborn. 

Last winter, I needed to purchase a new parka. The one I had before was about three years old and from H&M. It definitely had served its life. After searching for a while, I found this parka (last year’s version). It provides so much warmth, it’s comfortable and it’s a great price point. Plus it looks super cute with my blanket scarves.

Speaking of blanket scarves, they’re my absolute favourite! Made famous by Zara, so many other retailers have jumped on the blanket scarf train. They make great gifts because they’re so versatile. Last year, I got my nieces’ each one for Christmas. The exact scarves are no longer made, but this is a great alternative for children. If you’re looking for an adult version for a gift I love these (12, 3) and they’re all under $25!

Honestly, I seriously debated creating a Christmas gift guide for my readers. Unfortunately, I feel as though it would be all about cats and wine. I can barely even decide on gifts for my family and friends! Ashley Brooke created a Luxury Gift Guide, which I’m absolutely loving. 

After a long day of Christmas shopping, I usually just want to put on some Christmas music and wrap the gifts. This year, I’ve been loving Pentatonix’s Christmas album. Kate on mentioned it last week, so I had to look it up on Spotify. It’s so good!

Last but not least, I have been obsessed with Old Navy’s new inventory. Everyone who knows me knows that my three greatest addictions are: drinking wine, petting cats and buying copious amounts of clothing from Old Navy. There’s about twenty things from Old Navy on my wish list right now. My top three items, which will be purchased on Black Friday are as follows:
Cable-Knit Open Front Cardi (I am obsessed with the Pine Needles colour!) 
Lace-Up Swing Top – side note, I have been struggling to find a lace-up top that is even mildly appropriate for a larger chested woman.

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  1. Loving this post!
    The parka is to die for, and I love that lace-up top. Great picks!
    I'm also so hyped about Christmas that my heart practically squeals at every signal of Christmas shopping/decoration/music --> I adore Pentatonix, I think their albums are fantastic, especially the Christmas tracks!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies