Thursday, 4 August 2016


This picture was taken August 11, 2015. Which means that it is exactly 358 days old. This was one of the funniest days of summer 2015. I had been working a lot, balancing three jobs and was starting to feel burnt out. So I took a week off work. I just so happened that my gal pal, Sam, was off for two days so I went up to Barrie area to spend some much needed girl time with her!
I went up the night before, and we had some sushi then drank some wine. Then we went on an adventure through her hometown and almost ended up in Lake Simcoe! The next morning, we woke up and went to Wasaga Beach. 
The weather was absolutely terrible, we walked the boardwalk then decided that we'd go to Innisfil Beach instead, where it was much sunnier. We also stopped on our way home and pulled out our phones did selfies in the sunflowers (note images below).

This was the start of rekindling Sam and mine's friendship. Sam was my best friend in college, but due to the fact that she lived an hour and a half away, it made it hard. So we became long-distance best friends. Still, it was hard to keep our friendship afloat throughout the years. However, we got together about a month after this, then a month after that; then I started dating one of her friends from high school and I started spending the amount of time with her that I had in college. It's been great.
Since my ex and I broke up, I haven't seen Sam as often, but we still talk everyday. I couldn't imagine life without her now. I'm so fortunate to have a gal pal like Sam. 

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