Wednesday, 3 August 2016

My Dream Bedroom

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I still live at home with my mom and dad, and probably will for a while still. Another who knows me knows that my room is extremely messy all the time. Honestly, it’s because I’m so uninspired with the four walls around me. I cannot wait until I can move out, have a large master bedroom to set all my beauty products up in and have room to store all my clothes in one space. But hey, a girl can dream for now!
I know what I want in my bedroom though, as I’ve been super loving the whole minimalistic look going on. I’m going to talk about some products I absolutely want in my bedroom when I move out!

Angled Wood Headboard: I am in LOVE with this headboard! It's only $349, which isn't a bad price at all and it's absolutely beautiful. This type of headboard is definitely on my #goals.

Champagne Nightstand: These are a little pricier, but I would love this nightstand to go beside the bed! Definitely worth the price I think, the finish on them is exquisite.

Assembly Home Marble Duvet Cover: To me, a good duvet cover is the standpoint piece in most bedrooms! I absolutely adore this duvet cover; I think it’s so chic and elegant. Plus, it’s only $119 for a queen size. This is also a duvet cover that I love, and it’s on sale.

Ashford 530 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Queen Sheet Set: This sheet set is so lovely, it would be so comfortable to sleep in plus the grey would look so beautiful with the marble duvet cover. They’re on sale for $79.99 US, or $123 Canadian; plus comes in six different colours.

Metal Photo Clips String Set: I love this product, because I am a self-proclaimed selfie queen. I have so many pictures on my phone of my friends and me in different places, so I would love about 10 of these to hang up. Plus, it's only $14!

Home Decorators Collection with Hawthorne 44 in. White Slatted Vanity with Mirror: Since I can remember, I've wanted to invest in a really nice makeup vanity to store all my makeup. This is an absolutely beautiful product! Plus it's on sale.

Planters: I love plants, and my client has taught me a lot about planting these past few months. I want all the planters in the world, but sadly, I would have to limit myself to a few. I do love this, this, and this though!

I know that there are many products that I’m forgetting, including a dresser, shoe rack, etc. but this is just a starter list of things that I would love! There are so many options out there and I’m sure by the time I move out, I’ll be interested in something else. For now though, these are some products I love and hope I can afford when I finally leave the nest.

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