Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Day at the Carnival

(Circa 2015 Felicity who didn't realize that sweater was super sheer, and was rocking a gorgeous brace from a car accident)

Last week, I talked about implementing an Olympian for a Day program and how much fun it was to implement it! I have implemented a carnival on two different occasions. One when I was in college with my girlfriends for a day program for youth with disabilities, and at the long-term care home that I worked at. Both were super fun, and very different from one another. In this post, I'm going to talk about the one I did in college; as well as include the written reports that I did! I will also include the photos and posters that we made for them. In all honestly, I can't fully remember if we made them or found them on Google, but they're definitely fun!

We had several debates about what to include in our arts & crafts table, because we wanted to stay within our budget. We ended up having a "DIY photobooth prop making table". We ended up Googling "free printable photobooth props to colour", this is the link that we found and loved it! We printed out several of these, then provided the program users with the print outs, popsicle sticks, scissors, markers, pencil crayons and tape. We had a support worker sit at the table to provide assistance with scissors as needed.

We used supplies that one of my girlfriends had at home for this. She had a basketball hoop from her childhood that she used to hang up on her wall, and use miniature basketballs. We bought an extra basketball from Dollar Tree just in case! It was very successful with the boys that came to our program.

Again, we used supplies from home for this. Party City has a lovely bean bag toss set; I love this one on Etsy and here's a DIY on making your own!
(It seems as though I didn't get a photo of the bean bag toss)

Unfortunately, the duck match game was our least popular activity. We got the ducks from Party City's party favour section, then made different coloured shapes on the ducks. The goal was for the participants to flip over the rubber ducks to see if they could match the same patterns.

Guess how many was an extremely successful icebreaker. It was so fun to see the program participants look at the jar of jelly beans to guess how many were in the jar, I think that it was some of the participants favourite part of the day! We recorded who guess how many and at the end of the day, we ensured that everyone had guessed then gave the jar to the person who was the closest.

We had red solo cups set up in a pyramid, then program participants had three chances to roll, kick or throw a ball at the cups to knock them over.

The pie toss was by far our most successful event! We purchased a kit from Party City, which included a photo of a clown. Then we went to Dollar Tree and bought pie tins, and put shaving cream in the tins; then allowed participants to throw their pie tin at the target, which was placed on a wall. What did we learn? Always put a shower curtain behind the target, it makes it a lot easier to clean up.

We did this as a DIY! It caused many, many headaches making it but it worked in the end. This is the tutorial that we used to make it. It was based off the infamous game from The Price is Right. It was moderately successful, I think we expected more participants - especially because had put so much effort into making it!
(you'll also notice that we used cups instead of pegs, it was a lot easier!)

Our ring toss was by far the simplest thing we did for our entire program! We got rings from Party City then had program participants throw them onto water bottles. I always keep water in my trunk, so we just grabbed the bottles out of trunk.

Last but not least, our photo booth! And the only program I didn't put alphabetically. It was the most popular activity, aside from the pie toss. We hung a white sheet up, and gave the program users props; then I took pictures of them. It was a blast. That's where the original photos at the top of my post came from! Not only did we include our sign, we also included a sign that we found on Pinterest. I searched Pinterest high and low for the original source of the photo, but had no success. It was definitely the highlight of my day, as it was for my group members as well.
(these were my group members, Becky & Zoey, they know their names & faces are in the post!) 

Here is the pre event plan, using the 9 step planning model that I used in college!I've also attached the nine step planning model document that I learned off of. I'm not sure where it came from, but it's a 60 page document that my program coordinator always swore off and 99% of my lectures were based off in his courses.
Event Plan
Nine Step Planning Model

I hope you have a fantastic day, and enjoyed this post!

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